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I currently offer face-to-face counselling in my counselling room in Ashburton.


I also offer counselling by phone or video call (Google Meet).

I can meet you at your home if you live between Ashburton and Exeter.

Thais Lloyd (Tess)

Tel: 07493 591515


Meeting in Ashburton

If you are coming to meet me in Ashburton, I'll send you directions. My room is spacious, with doors that open to a private enclosed courtyard. There is no level access to my room. Parking is available.


Telephone or video call sessions

Some people prefer the flexibility of online counselling. Video and telephone sessions follow the same principles as face-to-face counselling.
In-person sessions can be rearranged to video or telephone sessions as/when needed.


Counselling in Exeter

I worked as a private counsellor at St Thomas Health Centre in Cowick Street before the pandemic. I am no longer able to offer face-to-face counselling in the Health Centre, but I can offer home visits if you live between Exeter (St Thomas and Alphington) and Ashburton.


One-hour sessions are £50. 


I offer concessions at £40 or £45 per session.

What happens when we first meet?


I will ask you what brings you to counselling and what you wish to achieve. This will be a chance for us to get to know each other, and to find out how we might work well together.


What happens after the first session?


If you decide you want to have counselling with me, we will plan how often to meet, which will usually be weekly or fortnightly. It is often helpful to meet weekly for the first few weeks, as this helps to create a strong foundation for our work together.


We will review our work regularly.

If you have any queries or would like to arrange to meet, please phone me on 07493 591515 or email me at

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