Counselling in Exeter and Ashburton

Welcome to my website. My name is Thais Lloyd, but people call me Tess. I am a fully qualified counsellor with over 15 years' experience.

Counselling is very close to my heart. As a counsellor I offer my clients the emotional help and support they need to deal with difficult situations that are causing them distress.


Counselling is a way to offer people the experience of being connected, listened to, understood with compassion and acceptance. My experience is that this will lead to change and growth.

We can feel very alone when we are hurting, but I know from my work and from my own personal experience that talking to someone who is genuinely interested in us, respects and supports us, is very precious. It can help us find ways forward, and consider new ways of being in the world, new ways of living life more fully.

I feel privileged to do the work that I do.

Tess (Thais Lloyd)

Tel: 07493 591515